Dongtai Garden, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China

Why China?

The Risks of Doing Business in China
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Contracts that, after being signed, are ignored or altered by the Chinese side.
Poor English language skills that lead to miscommunication, mistakes, and delays.
Products that are broken, or of poor quality, when you receive them
So Why Do Business With China?
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Because products in China are much cheaper, letting you save a lot of money
Lower costs equal higher profits, better ability to compete, and faster business growth.
We Can Help Make You More Successful!
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John Lombard is a Canadian businessman with more than two decades of experience in China.  He understands your needs, and knows how to avoid the normal risks and problems of doing business in China.
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The result?  You can significantly decrease the risk of doing business with China, letting us do all the work, while you can relax and focus on other issues.
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Middle Kingdom Sourcing -- Whatever You Want, We Can Find It
Middle Kingdom Sourcing & QC specializes in finding the products that you want in China. No matter what kind of product, we provide the best quality service from beginning to end.