Dongtai Garden, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China

About John Lombard

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John Lombard was born and raised in Canada, in South-Western Ontario.
In 1993, he came to China, and has lived there ever since.
He first worked as a teacher, taking position in some of China’s top universities, including Beijing University and Qingdao Ocean University.  He was also responsible for helping to establish the English training program for the Chinese student volunteers for the 2008 Olympic Games; and was chosen as the personal trainer to the Mayor of Beijing for his presentation to the International Olympic Committee about why China should host the Olympic Games
He then moved into business, starting two successful companies in China.  The first was a consulting company with clients that included P&G, Siemens, and the Beijing Olympic Committee.  The second was a training company that provided professional training services to CEOs, Presidents, and other senior level management of major companies.
He is also a philanthropist, who has not only supported numerous charities, but who also started his own non-profit organization in China, to help a Chinese indigenous ethnic minority group, the Mosuo.
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Middle Kingdom Sourcing & QC is his third company in China, in established to use his extensive knowledge and experience of China, business, and culture in order to help others have more productive and profitable results in finding the products they need in China.